About Us


Zairo International has been existing since quite some time and has come out as a successful online venture. We were able to make the most out of small opportunities we got and grew big by overcoming challenges and adversity of different business lines. We have now established a successful chain of suppliers, customers , clients and experts. We are proud to disclose that Vacation Saga runs as a successful property rental business. It has helped people to get some of the most outstanding rental properties in the foreign countries of the world. Additionally, we have Tech tunes for web development and digital marketing ventures. We provide the best of online marketing and web development under the same brand. Our services do not end here itself. We also have shopobar as a successful E-Commerce venture that can bring you some amazing stuff to buy. Our brand named cordscraft is there to deliver you the best leather based products online and travelobar is an upcoming project that we will soon disclose.

We are accessible round clock through our website and help desk services. We believe in absolute professionalism and increased efficiency. Our work excellence can be seen in the form of our business ventures. Each of our pursuits has been successful enough to create a wide range of clients and customers.

We constantly receive opportunities to expand our brands and customers from different parts of the world. We believe in delivering the best products and services that happen to create a difference.

Zairo International is always open for communication and feedbacks. We allow customers to get in direct touch with us through our websites. We entertain reservations and appointments through simple procedures. Our future ventures are still in pipeline and expected to become a part of our current operations soon.

We believe in giving a practical shape to business ideas and creating a mark in the world. Our involvement in a multitude of business projects clearly shows our diligence and efficiency. Our continuous growth and ability to meet different challenges has given us constant sales boost in each of our ventures. We know no bounds when it comes to satisfying our customers and giving them exactly what they need. No matter whether it is about the best digital marketing services or giving fully furnished rental Apartments at unbeatable prices, we Excel equally in all the given fields.

Our motive is not only to make profit but also to create a connection with the Global audience. We understand that having a physical store comes with a lot of limitations. That is why we have online ventures that remain approachable 24x7.

Zairo International aims at solving customer requirements and problems in the minimum possible time period. We provide the best information and also guide people through video based messages. We have an aim to Cater worldwide audiences through our multiple online Ventures. Our online presence not only gives profit to us but also benefits the ones who get in touch with us. We serve people across the countries and never create boundation because of a geographical physical location .


Zairo International has been a continuously growing company and it has a mission to boost further. We aim to refurbish our research and development to bring more economies to our endeavors. We target to become the leading online solution for Digital Marketing property rent in online shopping and Leather goods. Our goal is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction along with guiding them to have the best from us. We also aim to educate yourself even better to understand the customer requirements.

Industries we serve

* Travel
We have a good experience in the travelling domain. Vacation saga generates revenue through online bookings and organic traffic.
* Digital marketing
We provide web development, SEO, content writing and all types of digital marketing services.
* E-commerce
Shopobar from Zairo International provide product listing and pages for online Sales
* Leather
Our unique handcrafted leather products can be purchased from cords craft online shop.
* Technology
Zairo International provides Technical solutions through BPO Services online.


Zairo International aims to be the leader of the world by managing multiple ventures under one group. We have laid the foundation of higher standards and follow it stronger than ever. Our pillars of professionalism and truthfulness have given as much success in a very short time period. Our vision is to become the agency that offers the best digital marketing Solution, rental properties, leather products and online shopping items at reasonable possible prices. We have a common set of values for each of our ventures and that is how we pursue business. We believe in prompt Service Delivery and execute tasks as team work.

We are ready to take risk and exercise decision making. Our farsightedness gives us correct direction and proper growth. We believe in continuous growth and to supply our clients with best services in every aspect. .


* To keep cost of operations low and sustainable
* To expand the existing business and open new ventures
* To improve in the existing business fields
* To improve research and development