HR Policies

HR Policies

Ø If the employee leaves the organization without tendering sufficient information, s/he will be marked absconding and the company will not be liable to pay any salary. Due process may be followed to recover any amount due from the employee.


Ø If an employee resigns from the company, s/he should serve a one-month prior notice or else there will be a waiver of one month salary + 45 days incentives.



Ø If the management terminates the services of the employee, s/he will be paid any dues after 45 days from the date of termination.


Ø An employee is entitled to receive one paid leave per month provided by the company, for which s/he needs to apply at least two days in advance citing a valid reason to avail the leave to the HR.



Ø Unauthorized absence for a continuous period of three working days will be deemed voluntary abandonment of service. In such a case, the employment shall automatically come to end without any notice of termination and the company will not be liable to pay remuneration or benefits.


Ø If the employee does not report to the office by 11.20 am, s/he will be considered for  half day or else salary for the day will be deducted.



Ø A maximum of one day of casual leave (CL) + one paid leave (PL) in a month shall be allowed to the confirmed employees. Barring special cases of emergency, an employee shall submit leave application to the HR at least two days in advance and with a valid reason.

Ø If an employee takes more than the allotted one paid leave and one casual leave in a month, s/he will be marked on Leave without Pay.


Ø On referring a new successful hiring, an employee shall be entitled to receive Rs.1000 which  will be paid after the resource is confirmed into the services of the company and retains upto 6 months of working period.



Ø Any complaint by any teammate or office subordinates, if found true, might lead to performance deduction or even termination from the service, in case of gross negligence or utter misbehaviour.


Ø The probation period for any position will last for 3 – 6 months from the date of joining.



Ø The training period will last for 5 working days from the date of joining.


Ø An employee will mark LOG IN and LOG OUT time in register properly if not then the employee will be marked as absent or half day.



Ø Lunch breaks are for half an hour. (3:00 -3:30) and the employee have to login by 3:35 again on their systems.


Ø An employee will not use mobile phones during working hours, and no personal calls or personal internet or social media usage are allowed while at work.



Ø A holiday or Sunday falling between two availed leaves, will be considered sandwich leaves.


Ø In case of termination, resignation, negligence,  misappropriation on the part of an employee will be taken into consideration before releasing any due amount.

Ø If an employee performs well, and due recommendations are made accordingly by immediate seniors, s/he shall be considered for promotion or incentives from time.


Ø If the performance of an employee goes below 500€ (job security meter),s/he will be put on unpaid PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) which will be for seven days.Failure toclear the PIP might lead to termination of service due to low performance.



Ø From 1st  till 15th  number of working days of employee should be eleven (11) only on that condition the salary of previous month will be credited on the day of pay otherwise it will be credited only when the employee completes 11 working days accordingly.





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